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My Pixie Girl’s Ruffles

Welcome to My Pixie Girl’s Ruffles aka MPGR by D’Andra!

My name is D’Andra and I have been in handmade business since November of 2010. My Etsy shop has over 1300 sales. I decided it was time to branch out and have my own website. Thanks to all the amazing makers at Our Place Handmade for making this dream a reality!

If you’re wondering how I decided on my shop name, I will tell you the story. I grew up with a mother that was an amazing seamstress. She even made my wedding dress! I was also surrounded by aunts, uncles and my dad who were all great makers my entire life. I have dabbled in many different handmade items over my 46 years.

I didn’t really get the bug of making a business out of my handmade items until my daughter came along. When my little girl finally arrived, everything was pink. Now, pink is a perfectly lovely color. It just isn’t my favorite color. I set out to find some beautiful fabric to make my daughter clothes that weren’t PINK. I found some and that was the end. I am a mostly self taught seamstress even though my mom taught me the basics when I was young.

My daughter was a tiny thing when she was a baby. My stepmom used to call her Pixie. Pixie combined with all the beautiful ruffled dresses that I made for her became what I was known for at the beginning.  Since then, my business has morphed into different things but I never wanted to change the original name too much.

This is what My Pixie Girl’s Ruffles looks like now. I’m still creative and love to make things for my awesome customers and friends. Please take a look around and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, message me. I’ll do my best to make your idea a reality.

Thank you!